I have had the support of Agostina Colarusso with the writing of my book: The Naija Food Philosopher. It is an unusual book as it is themed around Nigerian Food.

I have been wary of giving the manuscript to people to read and I was afraid that some people might not ‘get it’.

I however found Dr Adebola to be approachable. She allayed any apprehension I might have had.

I have read her posts on Facebook in which she encourages writers to put their thoughts to paper. She is an author, and I have read with interest the various articles and books she had written.

I needed someone to read through my manuscript and first and foremost, tell me if it was readable and screen for errors.

As a General Practitioner, I knew she would be busy, and I was pleasantly surprised when she told me she had just boarded a train for London and was reading the manuscript during her journey.

She read through and gave me encouraging feedback. She also suggested the restructuring of parts of the manuscript which I took on board.

She devotes time to reading, and I find that inspiring. I know she is involved in her charity; Brave Hearts and I am amazed at her being able to juggle the various demands on her time with ease.

I highly recommend her as a support for any writer needing help along their literary journey.