Connection with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

The connection with the Supreme and Almighty is the most precious of bonds in the spiritual world. Not only does it help us find our way in our lifetime, but it will also redeem us in the afterlife. This is what will save us from the sins of this deceptive world. We must find that intimate admiration for Father God and Jesus Christ so that we may enrich our hearts and souls with the divine light and not lose ourselves in the darkness of this worldly life.

Through the influence of the Holy Spirit, we can free ourselves from the shackles of human suffering. Lord Jesus is our healer. He relieves our tormented souls from the pain and misery caused by others around us. All our wounds are changed into eternal blessings through God’s light and guidance, salvaging the power of our souls and reuniting us with the purpose of our existence.

We were all created with a divine purpose designated to us by the Almighty. Sometimes we lose our way, and our wrongdoings lead us astray, leaving us barren and empty in the end. Humans become consumed in debauchery, losing their inner kingdom to the point of no salvation. We are prone to neglecting our true purpose in the world; to serve Father God and Lord Jesus Christ. It is important to remember why we were created and serve the soul-fulfilling truth of our core existence. Each of us has a unique purpose, fulfilling an intricate role in the bigger constellation of the universe. We are all beings of the Almighty, sent down on earth to fulfill the divine purpose. We must all listen close, through worship and prayer, into the soul of the universe and find what it reveals to us. It is important to awaken our inner kingdom and nurture our distracted souls with glorious salvation.

Father God is our connection to our inner kingdom, and the light of Jesus paves a divine path to enlightenment, wisdom, and glory. As we open our souls to the divine purpose, we become intrinsically connected with the Supreme power. Lord Jesus Christ is our savior. He provides us with knowledge, strength, and patience to persevere through treacherous times. Not only does this divine connection envelop our souls in the wisdom of the Supreme, but it also frees our spirits and guides us to the straight path.

We all need divine guidance in matters of worldly conflicts, wars, and our fight for survival. But without a solid connection to our Lord, we can feel increasingly lost in our troubles. It is when we learn about Jesus Christ, that our wisdom and knowledge increases. This gives us the power to fight for survival with the right guidance. Father God protects us from harm and safeguards our spirits from any tarnishment, or sin, cleansing our souls from the adulteration of the world. We must unlock the kingdom of God within ourselves and find an innate connection with our Lord Jesus Christ to help us on our spiritual path.