About the Book

The book, To Unlock the Inner Kingdom narrates the struggles of Agostina Colarusso’s life and how she was guided toward enlightenment. It is a journey of perseverance, self-awareness, and reflection, one that leads to her finally receiving the Divine blessings. And for us, it serves as a guiding factor so we can find our own way.

Throughout the book, we are taken through a spiritual journey that focuses on how Agostina gained satisfaction and found her healing through spiritual channeling. Through her knowledge and experiences, the author aims to help struggling readers fight their own challenges.

If you’re ready to stop struggling and start experiencing, this wonderful book will transcend you into another dimension; a realm of peace, serenity, and liberation.

Why Read It?

“A life without God is one without direction. Our faith in God is our guiding path of light in this world filled with darkness. So many things in the world tempt us to deviate from our ultimate goals and indulge in things that will provide us with temporary pleasure.”

With her uplifting tone and beautifully woven narrative, Agostina intends to remind people of the importance of God’s presence in one’s life. To Unlock the Inner Kingdom is the perfect pick for those who are struggling to seek peace and meaning in their seemingly mundane lives. It aims to help readers replenish their connection with Father God which will lead them toward locking their inner kingdoms and eventually find the peace and gratification they have forever searched for.


Father God

Lord Jesus Christ

Mary Magdalene

Mother Mary

The Holy Spirit

Connection with Mother Earth

Communication with Mother Spirit

Connection with the Pharaohs of Egypt—Horus and
Ra, Osiris, and Goddesses – Isis and Iris

Connection with the Sun God

Connection with the Moon