About the Author

After she gave birth, Agostina Colarusso found herself amidst a deep inner awakening. Using it, she overcame one of the darkest periods of her life. Her search for peace eventually led her to God. Once she turned to Him, there was no looking back. These days, Agostina finds herself being a grandmother to five beautiful grandchildren and has two sons.

“It is who I am; it is my true self; it is my joy that God is my higher self and my hero and how much love I have in my heart.”

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Author Biography

Agostina Colarusso is no stranger to having experienced hardships throughout her time. However, despite everything life threw her way, she never gave up, even when it seemed like the end. The path of her journey has had its ups and downs. Headstrong and hopeful, she was able to overcome her adversities and, in the process, replenish her faith in God, unlock her inner kingdom and finally find her true purpose in life.

Author Background

Agostina Colarusso grew up in the small town of Taurasi, in Avellino province, Italy, along with her six siblings. She was born in a humble household where the luxuries of life could not be taken for granted. Even though her family tried their best to make ends meet, they lived a life of contentment and happiness.

Being immensely loved by her family in her youth, she grew up with a sensitive and gentle personality. As Agostina grew up, she continued to learn from her life experiences, shaping her into a much stronger and compassionate person.

Family is immensely important to Agostina. For the past 54 years, she has been married to the love of her life, Nick Aeillo. She has two sons and, as of late, five lovely grandchildren. Ultimately, Agostina hopes that her guidance throughout the book will help you identify your inner strength.

Author Achievements

Agostina holds a level 3 Reiki Master’s degree.