To Unlock the Inner Kingdom – My Communication with God

Has life felt meaningless lately? Have you tried seeking peace all around you only to be left in vain? While we search far and wide for solace, we seldom look within. Father God has told us, through various mediums, that this is where true peace is found. The book To Unlock the Inner Kingdom by Agostina Colarusso shares how you can unlock your potential and connect with your inner kingdom – your inner self once you replenish your connection with God.

Your Journey Toward your Life’s True Purpose

Everything happens for a reason, partly for our own good and partly because it is inevitable. Once we come to terms with our circumstances, that is when we can truly grow and be better versions of ourselves. The cumulative journey of our life gets its true spark when we have a good connection with Father God. That’s when it seems the most worthwhile, and that’s when we are able to unlock our inner kingdoms. Indeed, God is above all and is ever so helpful and gracious.


I had the privilege of meeting Agostina Colarusso on a friend's Facebook page. She offered to go through my writing with me. Being a first timer, she was patient with me and encouraged me to develop my characters. She also pointed out that the book should have a purpose that I would like it to fulfil. She tagged me to…

Agostina Colarusso is a prolific and intelligent writer exuding her extravagant depth of practical wisdom. Her words are like choice silver, bringing understanding to the simple. Beyond this, she has been a great support and backbone to other writers especially me - She's one who supported morally, intellectually, and financially in my adventure in publishing my first book - QUEST.…

I reached out to Agostina Colarusso as I was trying to self-publish. I realised she had done a few books from a group we are both on. She was quick to respond to my queries and offered massive support, especially after I published my book. Though we haven't met, she's been very courteous towards me and always lovely.It's been a…

I reached out to Agostina Colarusso when I was wondering how to make my books available to the public. She shared with me her experience of publishing her books. She was ever so supportive, suggesting the different options available and supplying me with links to contact publishers. It was a relief to speak to someone who had a first-hand experience.…

I have had the support of Agostina Colarusso with the writing of my book: The Naija Food Philosopher. It is an unusual book as it is themed around Nigerian Food. I have been wary of giving the manuscript to people to read and I was afraid that some people might not 'get it'. I however found Dr Adebola to be…

Agostina Colarusso is a known author and accomplished writer. Asides publishing her books, she writes regularly about pertinent health and social issues on social media reaching a diverse audience. She spurred me on while I was writing my book and assisted in editing it. She also signposted me on my journey to self-publishing.

Agostina Colarusso

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